Whenever possible install original parts

Unfortunately, many drivers have no idea how to repair their car. However, there are drivers, who are able to do this as this is their hobby. Often such drivers have a small workshop where they have a variety of spare parts. Those, who manage to mix business with pleasure (hobby and profession), have the possibility even to make money.

Most manufacturers say that you should install only original car parts. This is not entirely true. Nowadays, there are a few vehicles that can fit car parts of another vehicle. For example, Opel Vivaro and Renault Traffic are practically identical.

At the same time, manufacturers are right, when recommend installing only original parts. In this case there is a guarantee that brake discs, master cylinders or spark plugs will serve you for a long time. You will be sure in parts operability and safe driving.

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  1. sgbondo says:

    I am having problems with my charging system and vehicle asks me to check the manual. Unfortunately, the manual is french which I cannot understand; I bought the car from a french speaking country and I can only speak english. This is the message I am getting “battery charging faulty” from the on-board display and the lady tells me to consult my manual. Any help?

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