Trust PistonHeads’ Community to Largely Lay Into the Vel Satis! It’s their SOTW

In case you’re not already familiar with it, is one of the largest car forums and websites out there. And one feature which has really gained momentum since they introduced it is “Shed Of The Week” (SOTW for short) in which they sum up a bargain motor someone’s spotted for sale.

PistonHeads SOTW shed Renault Vel Satis 1

This week, much to my delight, our beloved Renault Vel Satis fills this feature. And my goodness has it attracted some attention, to say the least. The author, Tony Middlehurst, is very fair in his summation of the Vel Satis, singing its praises on the one hand, and pointing out its many flaws, and high running costs, on the other. Here are some highlights:

  • “Unabashedly ugly but utterly wonderful, this week’s Shed is a barge de choix”
  • “It rode like a Roman chariot, its new-age suspension having cleverly substituted jarring choppiness for the old-gen Renaults’ silky compliance.”
  • “As a kind of Citroën DS de nos jours, the Vel Satis was richly endowed with Gallic ‘up yours’ ugliness. It’s a timeless sort of ugliness though, one that looks no worse now than it did then.”
  • “For trivia fans, that’s the wood Fender has used for its Stratocasters since the 1950s.”
  • “The auto ’box never gives up in its ceaseless search for optimum torque, an admirable trait in one way but a pain in the backside in another.”
  • “As with last week’s Peugeot 406 Coupé, running costs can catch you out.”

PistonHeads articles attract a lot of forum discussion and the Vel Satis SOTW feature has already reached 8 pages within 24 hours of its publication! And, well, if you’re a Vel Satis lover like most of us here are, you might want to ensure you’re seated comfortably before reading the thread. Actually, you might want to pour yourself a stiff drink, too. No, the majority of the comments are far from favourable. But it’s good to see our very own 3.5-owning Dave Ardley sticking up for the Vel Satis, along with an earlier post from me, which happened to reap no responses whatsoever!

PistonHeads SOTW shed Renault Vel Satis 2

As far as the Vel Satis, we all just need to remember that ‘no publicity is bad publicity’, to coin a phrase. Anyway, “enjoy” – if that’s the right word…

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