Richard Aucock Remembers the Vel Satis

One of highly respected motoring journalist Richard Aucock’s cherished memories from his early days of car reviews was when in 2002 he was handed the keys to a Renault Vel Satis 3 litre DV6 Initiale for a week. Richard took the Vel Satis on a week’s holiday in Newquay and rather fell for it. He recently published his memories from his week with the Vel Satis, on his blog. Richard is one of our keenest Vel Satis friends on Twitter and often visits the Vel Satis Owners Club website, forum and classifieds. He describes as “ever-more popular and it remains a curio I dip into regularly, not least to see what’s up for sale and whether prices have finally dropped down to a level that would warrant an impulse purchase (not yet).”

Renault Vel Satis road test review memories by Richard Aucock

Back in 2002, Richard was particularly struck by the Vel Satis’ “might…outlandish design and super-bold le Quement detailing.” One of our VSOC members, Colin Hodgin (Battlecat) will be pleased to know that Richard said the test Vel Satis was “resplendent in road test dark green, it looked amazing. Every inch the epitome of avant-garde French executive travel” as his very own ‘Babette’ shares this rare colour.

Richard’s memories contain many other comments which us Vel Satis loving owners will appreciate, such as when he says “It was a distraction from all the glances I got. Seriously, everyone (so it felt) looked at us. I’d never driven anything that was such a headturner and, even now, few things have roused so much attention on the road. The Vel Satis was amazing, so it seemed: a pink Ferrari would have roused less attention.”

Renault Vel Satis press car memories by Richard Aucock

Like nearly all Vel Satis owners and anyone else who’s ridden in one, Richard admits that “the ride could be taut, trim could creak in sympathy and lifeless steering certainly didn’t help pilot the big beast round Cornwall’s narrow streets?” but he loved it and still does, to the point where he is likely to become a Vel Satis owner in the near future methinks!

For Richard’s full memories, visit his post on

Renault Vel Satis road test review memories by Richard Aucock motoring journalist

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