Rare Vel Satis Haute de Gamme Dealer Presentation Box For Sale

Renault Vel Satis dealer presentation box up for grabs – make us an offer!

  • EXTREMELY RARE – literally only a few hanging around in the UK
  • Aluminium box/case weighing approximately 3.5KG
  • VEL SATIS writing on one side
  • Opens with a leather strap
  • Hinges open beautifully to reveal leather & cloth fabric samples inside, along with magnetic blocks with the exterior paint samples, plus magnetic blocks with interior trim (wood and aluminium) samples.
  • The magnetic blocks and fabric samples are beautiful and will be appreciated by all Vel Satis owners who cherish their cars.
  • Renault also sent some dealers SHEETS OF STICKERS aiding buyers to see what the pain colours looked like.
  • All the magnetic blocks and fabrics are labelled on the back. See photos for examples.
  • Some of the fabric, trim and or bodywork samples may be missing. None of them seem to be damaged though.
  • It’s like a toybox for a Vel Satis enthusiast!
  • These boxes were given to Renault dealers, but only the special “haute de gamme” (“top of the range”) ones, which were allowed to sell the Vel Satis (some call it a Velsatis/Valsatis/Val Satis) and the Avantime
  • Many people spend £10+ on a common Vel Satis or Avantime brochure or user handbook manual, or £50 on a Vel Satis branded watch merchandise – whereas this dealer box is much rarer.
  • We will post next working day by courier which will require a signature. We will not be responsible for any damage in transit or on delivery but we will ensure it is packaged securely and robustly.
  • No returns are accepted for any reason.
  • Grab this rare piece of Renault automobillia / collectors’ item before someone else does!


1. No refunds will be given for any reason. If you buy it and then do not like it, or don’t think it is worth the money, or you don’t think it matches our detailed description, we will not offer any refund and/or exchange. You can re-sell it yourself on somewhere like eBay. We list items in as much detail as we can, in good faith.

2. Payment must be made by PayPal and we only accept PayPal buyers from the European Union, the United States, Canada and Australia. Please note the £20 postage price is for the UK only. For postage to anywhere outside the UK, contact us and we will provide a quotation for you. We reserve the right not to post to certain countries, in which case we will issue a refund.

3. This listing has been produced accurately to the best of our knowledge but E&OE and we will not be held responsible for any errors, as the listing has been created and worded in good faith. Without examining every tiny section of this item, it is, to the best of our knowledge, free from any significant rips, tears or any other blemishes, but has possibly a few pieces missing, as per the description we have written. It’s a used set issued to dealers so can’t be expected to be in pristine condition.

4. The item will be posted robustly and will be posted by a courier who will require a signature for our mutual peace of mind.

5. We will not be responsible for any damage in transit or on delivery but we will ensure it is packaged securely and robustly.

6. Not in perfect condition but these boxes were often sold off by dealers when they closed down. It has been stored safely and cherished since. A few samples are missing (as may be other pieces) but this box is so rare it’s to be expected.



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