The Classifieds has had a revamp

Just to let you all know, we have given the Vel Satis Classifieds a bit of a freshen-up over the last week or so. Gone is the text-only list of Vel Sati for sale on the second hand, used market – the cars listed in the Vel Satis Owners Club Classifieds are now displayed via thumbnails, which you can click on to see the listings. We hope all the Velsatis cars for sale on here end up going to good homes. If you buy one of them, keep us posted on it! And if you’re wanting to sell your Vel Satis, just contact us for more info. Simples!

2012-08-03 Classifieds revamp Renault Vel Satis for sale used

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How the Vel Satis Fared in Honest John’s MoT Files Survey

The Conservative government pledged to make public data more accessible and for all us petrolheads, that mean VOSA MoT data could be properly analysed for the first time – exciting stuff! The team at good ol’ Honest John duly set about crunching the results of over 200 million MoT tests. It was a mammoth task, not helped by lots of human errors in the data, but the majority agree that Honest John have done a brilliant job at presenting the data in a useful way.

So here at the UK Renault Vel Satis Owners Club, we wanted to summarise the main points from Honest John’s MoT Files survey, for all us Vel Satis fanatics out there. They looked at 1,005 MoT test results for Vel Satis cars, carried out between October 2010 and September 2011, covering 2002 to 2005 model year Vel Sati.

Honest John MoT Files Good Garages Pass Fail Survey VOSA Renault Vel Satis

Our Vel Sati achieved an overall MoT pass rate of only 53.3%. The graphs provided by Honest John indicate that, whilst general MoT pass rates across all makes and models of cars is slowly increased as a trend when it came to all 2002-2004 registration vehicles tested, the Vel Satis pass rate for cars of this age slightly declined over those three years, from the mid-to-high 50s down to the low 50s (percentage).

Another graph provided by HJ shows that when you look at mileage figures in relation to MoT pass rates, it drops from about 72% for vehicles with 25k miles on the clock at the time of the test, down to about 47% for vehicles with over 100k miles on them. But Vel Satis cars slightly defy that general trend, as Vel Sati with over 100k miles on the clock achieved a higher pass rate than those with between 80k-90k on them.

The Vel Satis MoT failures board was topped by steering problems, which accounted for 22.7% of fails. Lighting and signalling were close behind with 20.4%, suspension with 13.7%, brakes with 11.7% and tyres with 10.4%. Accounting for 2.3% of Vel Satis MoT fails was fuel and exhaust, with body and structure at the bottom of the list, accounting for 0.4% of MoT test fails.

For the three-year period assessed, about 440 of the Vel Sati tested were 2002 models, 610 were 2003 models and only 120 or so were 2004 models.

Looking at 2003 model year Renault Vel Satis cars, they achieved a 52.3% MoT pass rate and all those vehicles had between 60k and 100k miles on their clocks. Hazard light switches and lights, registration number plate lights and headlights accounted for the majority of failures for 2003 cars, as did track rod ends, ball joints and steering arms. Many of our members have experienced MoT failures due to the latter. Overall, 2003 year Vel Sati were rated as being 15% worse than other makes and models of cars from 2003.

So there you have it – hope you found some of these figures interesting!

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The latest Vel Satis Owners Club Register is now online

Since October 2011 when version 2 was released, Luke has been hard at work compiling the 3rd instalment of the Vel Satis Owners Club’s Vehicle Register and we are proud to announce that it is now available for members to download in the usual fashion.

Luke has added to the latest Vel Satis Register:

  • 21 x 2.0T petrol models
  • 21 x 2.2 diesel models
  • 53 x 3.0 diesel V6 models
  • 22 x 3.5 petrol V6 models

Version 3 of the Register now contains a healthy 368 Vel Sati across the UK. As ever, the most popular colour is Hessian Beige and the highest percentage trim-specification wise is Privilege, with Initiale in second place.

If you’re a member, you can download the latest register from the usual page. If you’re not a member and own a Vel Satis, sign up today by registering via the forum. And if you want your car included in our next register, email Luke.

Thanks as always to Luke for his hard work maintaining and compiling the register.

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Renault Vel Satis Car Insurance Survey

Especially for younger drivers, it’s fair to say that many are finding their car insurance renewal premiums rising each year, despite notching up another year’s NCB (no claims bonus). The large number of uninsured drivers on UK roads along with the rise in daytime TV whiplash claims companies and the like are often blamed for the rise.

So at the Renault Vel Satis Owners Club, we’re keen to see what insurance prices our Vel Satis owning members are paying at the moment? It will be interesting to see if a pattern emerges relating to your geographic location, age, the engine capacity of your Vel Satis and any other factors.

Email to confidentially provide your basic details, then we will compile some sort of survey summary in due course. In the meantime you can of course compare car insurance prices on a UK car insurance comparison site such as

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Richard Aucock Remembers the Vel Satis

One of highly respected motoring journalist Richard Aucock’s cherished memories from his early days of car reviews was when in 2002 he was handed the keys to a Renault Vel Satis 3 litre DV6 Initiale for a week. Richard took the Vel Satis on a week’s holiday in Newquay and rather fell for it. He recently published his memories from his week with the Vel Satis, on his blog. Richard is one of our keenest Vel Satis friends on Twitter and often visits the Vel Satis Owners Club website, forum and classifieds. He describes as “ever-more popular and it remains a curio I dip into regularly, not least to see what’s up for sale and whether prices have finally dropped down to a level that would warrant an impulse purchase (not yet).”

Renault Vel Satis road test review memories by Richard Aucock

Back in 2002, Richard was particularly struck by the Vel Satis’ “might…outlandish design and super-bold le Quement detailing.” One of our VSOC members, Colin Hodgin (Battlecat) will be pleased to know that Richard said the test Vel Satis was “resplendent in road test dark green, it looked amazing. Every inch the epitome of avant-garde French executive travel” as his very own ‘Babette’ shares this rare colour.

Richard’s memories contain many other comments which us Vel Satis loving owners will appreciate, such as when he says “It was a distraction from all the glances I got. Seriously, everyone (so it felt) looked at us. I’d never driven anything that was such a headturner and, even now, few things have roused so much attention on the road. The Vel Satis was amazing, so it seemed: a pink Ferrari would have roused less attention.”

Renault Vel Satis press car memories by Richard Aucock

Like nearly all Vel Satis owners and anyone else who’s ridden in one, Richard admits that “the ride could be taut, trim could creak in sympathy and lifeless steering certainly didn’t help pilot the big beast round Cornwall’s narrow streets?” but he loved it and still does, to the point where he is likely to become a Vel Satis owner in the near future methinks!

For Richard’s full memories, visit his post on

Renault Vel Satis road test review memories by Richard Aucock motoring journalist

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Westmorland Tebay Meet Dec 10th 2011 – The Photos

Braving the wintry weather which was fine in the end and taking time out from any Christmas shopping or other responsibilities, Vel Satis Owners Club stalwarts Oliver & David Hammond, Robert Korczak and new member Brian Neil, along with wives and girlfriends, me up at Westmorland Tebay Services on the M6 near Kendal in Cumbria. More cars were expected but poor Matthew from Bolton had to drop out as his car has a leak and David who we were all looking forward to meeting wasn’t well. And where the other two got to, who knows! Anyway we all enjoyed the mutual Vel-Satis-loving company, the excellent Tebay food and a nice scenic drive organised by Robert, followed by coffee and cake before saying goodbye until 2012. Big respect to Brian and Iris for coming down from St. Andrew’s. We really enjoyed meeting you in the flesh and will certainly hook up with you in 2012 at some point. Thanks also to Kasia and Izzy for the first batches of great photos. Best Wishes for the rest of 2011 and we look forward to the next VSOC meet soon. Here are the photos!

Renault Velsatis Owners Club Meet - Westmorland Tebay Services M6 Cumbria Lakes - Dec 2011 - OH014

Renault Vel Satis Owners Club Meet - Tebay Westmorland Services Cumbria - December 2011 - K&R06

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Could It Be The Most Beautiful Vel In The World?

Renault Vel Satis 3-5 V6 Petrol Initiale For Sale rare red leather remote control - front 34

A magnificent, absolutely immaculate and pampered Renault Vel Satis 3.5 V6 petrol automatic in pearl black with ULTRA RARE BORDEAUX RED LEATHER for sale with only 87,000 miles for ONLY £2,900 (which is a special price only available to VSOC members who liaise with Oliver our manager). Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s a reality and it’s listed in our classifieds for sale. Note to the eventual buyer – take good care of this beauty or else! Click here for the classifieds/for sale page…

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Owners Meet Shaping Up For Dec 10th

This VSOC meet has now passed – click here for the photos and keep your eyes peeled for the next event in Spring 2012.

For you Vel Satis owners who can make it, 2.2 owner Robert ‘Rosic’ Korczak has suggested a VSOC meet at Tebay Services where he works. Tebay is one of the UK’s best service stations with great views, good food and a little more personal than many others, and it’s right on the M6 in Cumbria, idea for the Vel Satis owners from Scotland and the North.

Renault Vel Satis Owners Club Meeting Dec 10th 2011 Tebay Services Cumbria M6 - a

The plan is to meet on Saturday December the 10th at 12 noon and go from there, seeing what the weather’s like and hopefully taking some nice photos in the nearby Lake District after having a meal together first.

Renault Vel Satis Owners Club Meeting Dec 10th 2011 Tebay Services Cumbria M6 - b

The running total of attending owners currently stands at 7 and we will keep the figure updated on the forum thread which can be found here:

Renault Vel Satis Owners Club Meeting Dec 10th 2011 Tebay Services Cumbria M6 - c

For Vel Satis owners & members in the south, we will be planning a south meet down your neck of the woods for early 2012, likely late Feb/early March time – watch this space!

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Updated Vel Satis Car Register Now Online

The Vel Satis Owners Club is please to announce the publication of the latest version of the Vel Satis car register we maintain. Thanks to the hard work of Luke McCorry, one of our club administrators, members registered on can now download V1-02, which includes 250 cars (ok, 251 to be precise!). This accounts for 25% of the UK Vel Satis population, going by the figures on

UK Renault Vel Satis Owners Club Register Initiale Diesel Petrol Owners List Directory Luke Oliver statistics How Many Left

If you own one of the Vel Sati listed in the register and have any rare features or information to share with us, such as it having a sunroof, parking sensors or a celebrity as a previous owner, please contact and he can update the next version of the register. The same applies if you have any registration plate info you want to share with us, or to correct your engine, trim, colour or location.

To download the latest version of the Vel Satis register, make sure you’re logged in to, go to this page and in the little white box, enter the name of the country where Renault is from, with a capital ‘F’ – simples!

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Renault Vel Satis Owners Manual Handbook For Sale

Renault Vel Satis or Velsatis Owners Manual Handbook Instructions


Original, printed versions of the Renault Vel Satis official owners manual, handbook or instructions, whatever you want to call it, are as rare as hens’ teeth. Here at the Vel Satis Owners Club, we did have about a dozen knocking around as spares available for members to buy, but now we’ve only got one left. We admit its condition can only be described as pretty well used, but it’s still all there, no pages missing and will prove a very useful resource for any new Vel Satis owner who
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