Looking to arrange Vel Satis Owners Meet, 2011

The Renault Vel Satis population in the UK is diminishing each year as cars are scrapped or move abroad to warmer homes on the Continent like France and Spain, so here at vel-satis.org, we’re keen to keep Velsatis owners in touch with each other, and it would be great to organise a Vel Satis-only owners meet/convention in 2011.

We would love to hear from Vel Satis owners who might be interested in a meet in the coming year. From our experience and connections, owners are spread quite widely, with some in Scotland and the South East and with pockets of lots of these rare French cars in Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire. So the Midlands may be the ideal place for a Vel Satis owners meet, what do you think?

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2 Responses to Looking to arrange Vel Satis Owners Meet, 2011

  1. Wile7 says:

    It would be great to have a meet in 2011. Midlands area sounds a wonderful idea. As long as it is in a school holiday sometime count me in :-)

  2. Team says:

    Update as of April 18th:

    It’s likely that the Vel Satis Owners Club’s first meet will be an inter-marque meet with Vel Sati and Avantimes, held in mid June. We will post the exact date and location shortly.

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