Vel Satis Register

Here at the Vel Satis Owners Club, we have just put the finishing touches to the first draft of our UK Vel Satis Register, which lists all the Vel Satises we are aware of in the UK which are still running, are SORNed or have been scrapped.

Authorised Members of can download the latest version of our Vel Satis Register by clicking the download icon link below:

Instructions: If you are already a member of and logged in to, the password is the name of the country where Renaults come from, with a capital ‘F’. If you’ve not logged into yet, you need to do so with your usual username and password, before entering this secondary password specifically to download the latest Register. If you’re not registered with yet, you need to be in order to be able to access our latest Vel Satis Register.

If you would like to provide us with details of your own Renault Vel Satis to add to our Vel Satis Register, please contact

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  3. mrbuzz123 says:

    Please add me to the register:
    SY03 VEL, 3.0, Diiesel, Initiale, Auto, Black, 10/04/2003, mrbuzz123, Essex, Biege Interior 140K as at Nov 2012

  4. grandadkeith says:

    Well done luke and co, producing the record must be very time consuming.P S, I used to own Red 2.2 hk03vnh which was written off following a accident in france with only front end damage.It would be very interesting to see if it ever made it back to the U K.

  5. chrisluff1976 says:

    You can add me as the owner of NY02 PBU – West Drayton 49K as of July 12.

  6. Daveyboy999 says:

    Hi my names Dave and Im from Littleborough Lancashire. Ive bought a april 2003 3.0 Privilege with 50,445 and Im well pleased. I am going to collect it tomorrow (2/7/13) I would like to be added to your register please. ( HV03COJ ) will let you all know how I get on with it. I’ve waited years for the right one to come along and now it has.

  7. Eke says:

    Please add Hèrmione to your database:
    HN 54 BZT
    Initiale 3.5 V6 Auto
    Grey. 70,000 miles.
    Reg. 24 09 2004. (To Renault UK Ltd., Bicester.)
    Now resident in North Shropshire.

    Thanks, Luke.


  8. Ricerocket says:

    A few days ago purchased a Vel-Satis 3.0 diesel Privilege, Reg: HT02NDF
    It’s just clocked 64k miles, Cheap winter runaround, who know’s if I like it I might keep it? It’s in for a service & check over at the moment. When I get it back I’m going to chip it to improve mpg and unleash a little more power. On the day of purchase/collection I had an injector warning light come on, stopped then re-started, problem solved. Next morning…..light bulb and ‘service’ warning indicator came on! Just hope this isn’t going to be a constant electrical nightmare.
    Time will tell………..

  9. huskyboy says:

    I have two VS 3.0 dci cars – HX51 VWW which has only 54k on the clock but has a damaged engine and will not run, plus a new purchase – YU05 VXV which has 110k on the clock and is a cracking car but has the usual overheating problem above 50 mph. The plan is to get the 05 sorted then get the 51 running at a later stage.
    I live in Norfolk just south of Norwich.

  10. Vel Haggis says:


    Vel Satis seems to be an itch I can’t scratch. Seeing a few on autotrader and ebay and came back to try and access the dbase and check any reg plates.
    Not sure if I am doing something wrong but it refuses to download and generates a weird hex code type error :/

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