James Ruppert Fancies a V6 Diesel Vel Satis – Autocar Used Car Bargains

In a way, I’m sure many of you fellow Vel Satis owners out there will be equally pleased to learn that Autocar columnist James Ruppert has based his Used Car Bargains section in this week’s Autocar magazine (14 August 2013, with the blue Jaguar XFR-S on the cover) around the Vel Satis – and in particular, the V6 diesel variant.

2013-08 August 2013 AutoCar James Ruppert Renault Vel Satis V6 used bargain

Obviously I’m unable to provide a full copy of his article but hopefully the above teaser will whet your appetites enough to go and buy a copy of this issue of Autocar.

I have no doubt that several of you will be smirking at James’ comment that buying a 3-litre V6 diesel Vel Satis “needn’t cost a fortune to run”, as he surely knows they’re not the most reliable of used car finds. But they certainly are cheap to buy these days as of summer 2013, with plenty of decent 3.0 dCi Initiale examples for under £3,000.

James spends quite a chunk of his feature discussing CO2 emissions and road tax, which many of you Vel Satis owners will find interesting. No, the road tax on a 3.0 dCi isn’t cheap in a standalone sense, but relatively, it’s actually not that bad compared to some other cars. Our Luke will no doubt be pleased to see James recommend a V6 Laguna, too.

Anyway, I just wanted to alert you to this little Vel Satis feature. Go out and buy Autocar, then let us know what you think.

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