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My Vel Satis Experience so far – early days yet!!


February 1, 2011




Went to work in it today for the first time – the comfort is amazing – see below my story thus far:


I admit I had never heard of one and I hadn't recalled ever seeing one but, once I had seen an example (there is another in the same colour close to me in Clacton), I was very curious!!


I switched jobs and took a much larger salary instead of the company car. I live 55 miles from work so, I was looking for something in a diesel at around the £1000 mark.


I saw one on e-bay – which was a non-runner – it needed a new turbo. Anyway, after pricing up a new turbo, gaskets etc and contacted my friendly mechanic, I realised I would have to spend a £1000 or so on it to get it going again. I put in a silly bid for the car of £1000 and WON IT!! So, for 2 grand I have this amazing, strange looking limo!!


I borrowed a car trailer and picked it up from Manchester on the 9th January. The turbo has been replaced this past week – my mechanic hated it (Never again!!).


Anyway, it's running and I've driven it and it drives like a beauty – hates going around corners but, for my A road driving it's perfect.


I'm "hoping" to get around 40 mpg in it but, we will see.


Only slight "snag" is that I notice it's losing engine coolant somewhere – will need to investigate in daylight to see where. Hoping it's not a head gasket although – this is unlikely- the car isn't boiling over.


And I've saved the best until last – you could hold a dance in this car! The family already love the comfort especially in the back – the 2 fromt seats are like Chesterfield sofas.


That was my main critieria – comfort and it fits the bill!


February 1, 2011




Great! Show us some pictures!

btw. mine starts to losing a water in winter conditions. It stopping when temp outside is about 5. No idea what is wrong. I was thinking about head gasket, but there is no other symptoms of that. But i can find the leek as well. It is quite interesting issue. I wonder how you will sort yours.

Keep in touch!

February 1, 2011





Very similar story to my 3rd Vel Satis.  Bought it as a turbo failure for £500!!  New turbo etc, full MOT added and there was an immaculate Vel Satis for under £1,000.  My mechanic said it's the worst car he's ever worked on, and to never bring it back Frown

Glad to hear you're getting on well with it, I'm sure you'll just love it more and more.

I couldn't get on with the 2.2 dCi though, made the mistake of owning the 3.0 dCi V6 before, so naturally it felt really underpowered.



March 15, 2011




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Hi Tony,

How's it going? Hope you and your Vel Satis are all well? Chief Administrator & Founder

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