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Auto box stuck in Park


December 7, 2016




Help! Several time in the adopts few weeks I found the indicator light on against Reverse, even tho the lever was in Park. So the start button would not operate, and the display was asking for the lever to be moved to Park. Using the manual facility (press a rod into the unlock hole) I eventually got it to release; moved the lever to Neutral and started the car.

Today it would not release. Called the AA: he tried discharging the capacitors in the whole electrical circuit, but no joy. Now to be towed away to the garage hoping he will find a fix. Does anyone know of a fix for this please?

December 10, 2016




Sorry I cannot help you there, volvo suffer from these issues terribly from sticky mechanisms to broken interlock cables to dodgy sensors. Hopefully it's a simple fix like that rather than solenoids.

I take it it's been to the garage as it was a few days ago, how is progress?

December 11, 2016




I am phoning tomorrow (Monday morning) to find out. I know he had a quick look at it the day after, but I suspect it is having to wait till he could fit it in. He did manage to get it to release using the pin, but on putting it back into park, the indicator still says reverse. I imagine an autobox specialist would know right away what to do, but i cant get the car to one. Just hoping it is a part that is external to the gearbox. 

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