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Really strange clutch noise


May 24, 2016




Post edited 16:49 – May 24, 2016 by Hittar

New owner here. I bought a 2002 vel satis with 2.0T and 6-speed last week, and there is one problem that I can't find any information on. So, when my car idles, there's this "rolling marbles" sound, which goes away as I depress clutch. At first I thought that it was either throw-out bearing or main shaft bearing, but now I definetly can say that that not it, or at least not only it. Today I noticed – when I switch on AC "marbles" start rolling really hard, like two-three times louder. And if I turn steering wheel while AC is on, sound goes from "rolling marbles" to "self-destructing diesel engine". However,the strangest part of it all is the fact that noise goes away with depressed clutch too. Oh, and engine also makes weird metallic tapping noise on switch off whith engaged clutch, which I attribute to possible nearing dmf failure. So, my question – is it throw-out bearing, input shaft bearing, dmf, shot clutch, or is it something else?

Edit: And yes, just noticed that I submitted it in wrong place, really sorry about that.

May 30, 2016




it's very difficult to diagnose your case. if I were you, I would first remove the right wheel, gain access to the crankshaft pulley and start pushing and pulling it hard to find out if there's severe lateral bearing play. If that's fine, then I'll start the engine and go around with an engine stethoscope to pinpoint the exact noise location, and in your specific case it should be one of the bearings running on the engine v-belt

June 8, 2016




I would guess that the noise when the clutch is released is a worn out thrust bearing . I had a Safrane did exactly the same thing. The noise on your A/C is almost certainly the clutch Drive/ Pulley on the compressor unit. When these fail it makes exactly that noise and means replacing the Compressor. Don't be disheartened though, they are available from a company called "Mister Auto" which is French based and supplies parts for all french cars. I think a replacement would cost between £250 – £300. Ouch !! But worth it if you keep the car for a few years ? 


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