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Owner of two VS


January 7, 2018




Firstly I would like to say hello to everyone and greetings from Slovenia!

I love to see that not only Avantime owners have it's own forum, that also we, VelSatis owners have one.

Yes, like you have probably read before in the topic, I am owner of two VelSatises, so I would like to introduce them to you.

My first one, which is still currently a daily driver is a 2005 facelifted Initiale Paris with 2.2dCi engine. There is quite a story behind this one. Bought it (actually worked for it and got it for an exchange) from a first owner which has a private Renault dealership. Got it with a file whole of bills and full service history. Car was well maintained from the start. Belive it or not strong 2.2dCi still has its original turbo on it! And the kilometers? Currently we are at 362k km! Cool timing has been done three times, also rod bearings were replaced three times, valve cover was replaced once, I don't have any information about dual mass flywheel. At tickover there is a bit of rattle when clutch is depressed, but noone is shure if thats dualmass flywheel or gearbox itself. Oh and the injectors were replaced (yes replaced Laugh) in 2013 just because car had so many kms. Oil is regulary changed every 10k km and I use car mostly for highways and long journeys. Durring one oil change interval I add max 4dl of oil. I like it that is topped up :P

Durring my ownership I actually havent had any problems with it. Just a regular maintaince and EGR cleanup every 20k km.. (t=45s and this is how EGR looked when I got the car)

Yesterday I've cleaned it (only high pressure wash, soap it with my hands or how should I say) clayed whole car and applyed soft99 fuso 12 mnt coating, which last for me like 4 months. Nope my VS in my ownership never saw and never will see an automatic carwash! Paint is mint! Except the bonnect has some marks from rocks.

Interior is another story. I'll try to add some photos. Beige leather preforated seats, black dashboard and carpets and of course brown wooden trims and wood on the top of the steering wheel <3

Yes I am that person who doesen't drive anyone in my car, I park away from everyone and I usually take two parking spots.


Well the story of second one is quite short now. I bought it month ago. Also 2005 Initiale Paris facelifted model, 3.0dCi.

This one has 285k km, had a few owners which were mostly bigger companies, first two years car was in france. This one has full beige/white interior, wooden trims and steering, panorama roof <3 and carminat navigation.

The problem is that… water pump is leaking, alternator pulley is squeaking, so engine needs some work. I hope there will be no major problems found. Engine runs smoothly, gearbox doesent bang when you put it in gear. No driving was done, because leak is really bad and I dont want to risk the engine. Financial suicide here I come!!! Cool


Also at the end I would like to say that I love to help with problems if anyone have them, I know VS cars probably better than my own pocket.


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