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loud 3ltr deisel oh god help me


November 19, 2015

paul bacon cosmotron



Hi I love weird french cars so i have bought a vel Satis, its great everything works. however when I pull off(snigger) it is loud, sounds like a tractor, but at 60 is silent, even from the outside with the break down and revs up it sounds sweet, whats going on Id say bottom end but i cant make it make that noise even as the revs decrease, its done 160 thou and is very tidy. oh yeah it also has a knocking from the passenger side rear suspension any ideas.

November 20, 2015




Hi Paul. I'm no specialist in this but the sound on pulling away could just be a fracture in the exhaust system as the engine rocks due to load. Cruising entails little load on engine so the fracture may not be evident then. If it is a fracture, it would be wise to check engine mounting bushes in case a replacement is needed.

As for the rear end knocking, search this site, there's lots about this, usually bushes in the drop links.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply.



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