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DCi 3.0 Initiale Overheating at speed


August 9, 2016




Just seen Stilkus post on the perennial heating problem.  Thank you for posting this view on the problem of our overheating 3.0 DCI engines.  Is this just an opinion or have you actually seen or worked on a car with this problem.  It sounds like a possible reason for our problems but I am puzzled by the fact that the liners can move up and down.  Surely there is a shoulder on the top of the liner so it is positively located between the block and the head?  I find it difficult to believe that the liner is just retained by a press fit.  Also if the liner or liners were moving up and down as you suggest then I would expect to hear expensive noises as the con rods hit the bottom of the liner. 

What does anyone think?  We need someone to enlighten us on this problem.  I find it difficult to understand why an engine would do 90,000 miles plus with no problems and then start having overheating problems.  I know this to be the case because the previous owner is a friend and I have a full history of the car.

August 9, 2016




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google "saab 3.0 tid cylinder liner" and you will get a wealth of information on this problem


It's the same engine


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