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Coolant change on a 3.5.


June 1, 2015




Post edited 20:08 – June 1, 2015 by lexi

  Not too bad a job.  This is what I removed.  

     You should disconnect battery.  Renault say coolant warm so be careful.  The best thing to do with top and bottom rad hose clips ( when you finally get them off) is bin them for good Jubilee items.

  Once that resonator and fans are off, the access is good. 

  Drain the coolant.  Use a hose in the openings different ways to flush it all out.

   An airline is needed to flush all clean water out of block and system. Cover opening with rags to seal the gun.  

  When no more coolant comes out under pressure, do all hoses up. Fill with coolant, ready mixed Renault Boutique was my choice. Squeeze the hoses and the coolant will settle down to around 6 litres if you have got everything out.

  I started mine till fans kicked in and coolant settled a bit more. I let it cool and then removed the two nuts that hold brake master cylinder to bulkhead. Move that to the side.  This allows a big grubby hand to get in there and go left to the matrix bleed screw.  

   I put a thin rag on my hand for that grip to undo the plastic nut which sits atop a hose ( feel for it).  Top coolant right up till just coming out (stuff a rag to mop it up) and open the bleed screw a full turn and half. Keep slowly topping expansion tank to top for about 15 seconds with screw open and then close.  Put pressure cap on and excess will overflow as you drive.  

  That did it for me. Heaters and fans good and I got around the 6-7 litres of coolant in. I removed the undertray enough to drop it down and allow coolant into my basin.  Cover sensors with plastic bags and tape.

June 1, 2015




Post edited 20:37 – June 1, 2015 by lexi

 Sorry about repeat pics. I cannot get consistency of copy from photobucket and yet have no problems normally.

Try again. second pic showing access.


  Air hose in exp tank.


 Hand in for bleed nipple.

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