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Centre console ash tray lid popping up, not clipping down


May 8, 2014

very tall brad



The front ash tray on my phase 1 car (2002) is unwilling to stay closed. It's as though the clip is stuck, missing or snapped off. Can I buy just the ashtray unit?

May 12, 2014

very tall brad



Post edited 21:05 – May 12, 2014 by very tall brad

Now fixed.

I removed the centre console and unclipped all the electrical connectors. Had a cup of tea.

Looked at the underside of the console and studied the workings of the ashtray. More tea.

After even more tea (and a biscuit) I looked into the area around the shifter. Picking through about a litre of dead skin, crumbs and hair I spotted a tiny piece of plastic sitting there just below the OBD socket. More tea.

Blu Tack on the end of a knitting needle retrieved the part and I retired to the kitchen. The kettle was still hot. Tea time.

Now then, being logical and very patient ( and bursting for the toilet) I studied what I had. Bingo! The missing piece fitted and after a Eureka and Cinderella moment realised it was all fixed. A quick clean, a vac of the bits you never see and it all went back together. Coffee time ( that threw you, didn't it?)

Brad ( I like tea and tea total since 1981).

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