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2.2 Dci Automatic Going Strong !!


April 9, 2016




Post edited 20:48 – April 9, 2016 by seanblackpool

My 2.2 Vel Satis Dci auto has been in my possession for nearly three years now and I just thought I'd share my my experience of ownership …

The car has the 2.2 Diesel which apparently has some serious issues of failure in all Renault models into which it was fitted. I noticed that my car had the inlet manifold replaced at 76000miles and that job seems to have saved the engines life !! It runs beautifully and is quiet and smooth though the auto gearbox. I change the engine oil myself along with filters every 8000miles and use fully synthetic good quality oil.

Since buying the VS I have repaired the heater display back lights which seem to fail on all these cars, it's a pretty easy fix if not a liitle fiddly but worth the trouble to see the display at night. Cost £4 "for solder"

I replaced all four suspension drop links not long after I bought the car. Done by a good mechanic near Blackpool cost around £70 incl links. "Rear suspension is still rattley and clunky"

The Cambelt has just been replaced at 126000miles and cost £32 for a contitech belt from euro car parts . Mechanic charged £100 to fit it and showed me the old one which was starting to split and would have broken very
soon so just in the nick of time or the car would be dead !!

Had Auto Transmissions of Preston replace the auto trans oil as this was still in the autobox afer covering over 110000miles , Renault say the Gearbox is "sealed for life" but this is bad advice as the gearbox oil was thin and filthy and since being renewed it changes through the gears seamlessly , I'm really pleased with the £79 quid it cost, it was well worth it…

These are a really great car full of character and lovely to drive especially longer journeys, stick with your Vel Satis and shop around for parts, don't be afraid of it going wrong because it's rare, many bits are fitted to the LagunaII
I noticed that the front suspension was very wallowy and soft so I bit the bullet and got Renault Blackpool to fit two new struts which cost £300 quid I must be mad ! The ride improvement was dramatically better so worth it .

August 25, 2016




I've got same model as you, but in Portugal.

Unfortunately, previous owner was a nasty person and my VS was in a very bad condition. When my engine "died" i decided to get it running as i wished and i started my journey. Replaced engine, all fluids, turbo, belts, tensioners, waterpump, and all parts i can't remember now. After six months it's now running .

From my point of view, this isn't a reliable engine but if you keep a good maintenance and take care of it, you'll avoid most problems people use to have with it.

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