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My Grand Old Lady finally for sell – VS 2.2 Privilege


March 31, 2015




Post edited 17:16 – March 31, 2015 by Rosic


I'm sure that a lot of you guys still remember me. My Vel Satis joined the club 5 years ago. It was absolutely outstanding 5 years with a lot of miles traveled… very reliable miles. But now, coming to a high milage of 200.000 (198.000) and with the amount of driving that we doing, we decide to change Vel for something different, especially that as a flagship in our family we have a nice DS5.

So, good points – Car is starting ok, always. Will take you wherever you want, still in comfort and quietness. It will stop whenever you need it, and it still offer a good amount of torque and good mpg.
Last October it get new EGR valve, new alternator and battery, as well as service – oil and filters.
It had been kept in a very reasonable state throughout this 100.000 miles I covered, and that means the jobs like cambelt, new turbo, intake manifold, radiator, intercooler, front springs and lots of other smaller jobs done.
It pass the last year MOT with NO advisory.

By the May the 4th it need to be MOTed again, and we just don't want to get into any extra costs – if any occur, and decide to give a Vel a new home.

From the bad bits:
- there is a not very bad knocking from rear suspension. Very typical in Vel. I had that before and it pass the MOT before it was sorted without any problem. (I can't promise it will do now).
- air conditioning compresor has gone – climate control is working fine but without magic a/c button.
- reversing light and parking sensors are not working
- there is a constant service light on dash. That is due to the passenger seat belt pretensioner. The airbag light is not flashing (covered?) and it pass all the MOT in the past like that – al test 4 years in the row.
- there is some other little things, as only one working card, driver side passenger window opening button is not working and honestly maybe something else.
- there is some scratches on the corners on the bumpers and some little marks here and there as well as the driver mirror glass is broken.

Ok – it may not seems too good, but honestly car is still going very strong, and with the GOOD 2.2 dCi engine it will probably continue to do so.
All the other bits on car seems to be fine, even the beige leather is not looking too bad. Tyres are ok as well and the aux cable is fitted. I have plenty of bills, manual and two cards (one is working).

I would love to give the Vel a new home – not the scrapyard, because with a bit of care it could serve well, as it was serving me well for so long.

For the club members I will be very happy if somebody would like to pay me a symbolic 100 pounds.

Any question, just ask:, any viewing welcome. Car was in constant use till today, and it not even shouting for fuel yet :D I'm living in Gloucestershire.

btw. There IS NO MESSAGE about INJECTION SYSTEM FAULT – even if you push it up the hill harder ;)

Here are the pictures: [url=""]

March 31, 2015




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Hi Rosic,

I am sorry to learn that your beloved Vel Satis is now for sale, but with 200,000 miles on the clock, it has been a very good car for you over the years and you have obviously cared for it a lot.

My Vel Satis has been constantly poorly for more than one year, so it seems to be the time in history when the original members of the VSOC will be saying goodbye to their Vel Satises.

You offering your 2.2 for £100 is very generous and I hope it goes to a good home! Chief Administrator & Founder

March 31, 2015




I wish I had space but with things still to do on my 'project' I have to pass – hopefully somebody will take up your offer as the faults you describe can be easily fixed in the right hands.

March 31, 2015




I really hope that my Grand Old Lady will find a new home rather than scrapyard. This car has a enormous sentimental value for me and for my fiancee. Good news, that it is going to be replaced by another very rare Renault – 1.6 GT Line 61 plate Wind with just 14k on clock. I'm looking forward to pick it up tomorrow. It is a big change from VS to Wind, but despite we have a DS5, there is no point to keep two big cars anymore.

btw. Tony if you are really interested, you could keep it by my place until May – if that's any help.

March 31, 2015




  I was up for it thinking you were still in Cumbria. Hey Rosic, you have moved from a hilly area to a very flat one.Laugh

    Just too far from me with the logistics.  Funnily enough I bought FLO, my 3.5 in Cheltenham. Took the coach down and had a sore back for a week.

         Does you car have a towbar Rosic?  Can't get the pics up.

March 31, 2015




There was a tow bar initialy, but I get rid of it, as I was never towing and it was obstructing the parking sensors.
I moved south year ago, and Cotswold is actually still quite hilly!

April 13, 2015




Sold. For 372.

I'm very happy as our Grand Old Lady went to a good house. Older couple, who always wanted a VS. Will make her look pretty and healthy and will NOT let her go to scrapyard.

I'm so glad!

April 14, 2015




  Good stuff. We may hear more of your car and it's journey then!

April 23, 2015




Good to hear from you rosic!I thought you had migrated back to Poland.we will miss your interesting posts.Good luck for the future and I think its time you married that girl of yours before someone else does.Marriage is a good thing,I can recommend it you as I will be celebrating our golden wedding on 1st may here in spain. 


April 24, 2015




Will do at some point ;)


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