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2002 Vel Satis 3.5 Initiale bought at British Car Auctions July 2019


November 24, 2019

very tall brad


posts 12


Bought by myself for £200. Just 72000 miles and simply in need of a clean and one tyre. Everything works including the handbrake and all switchgear.

This is a smooth driver with just an occasional squeal from the power steering belt when cold. 

I drive it home 200 miles from auction and popped a new battery on just in case. I’ve also changed some tyres as the ones on the car were 9 years old.



November 26, 2019



posts 188


Brad, you certainly know how to find them. I am amazed such cars still turn up, as there are so few left. Even my own relatively low mileage 2002 model has done over 80K now, and I spent more than you paid for your car getting 2 wheels refurbished a couple of weeks ago!

Glad you have still got the bug…



December 5, 2019

very tall brad


posts 12


Yes, still got the bug.


Having owned a fair number since 2003, the niggles, faults, dodgy messages and various other problems are actually pretty easy to figure out. 


I reckon 90% of the issues I have had with the 3.5 V6 cars have been caused by:


Using cheap fuel – always try and use Super Unleaded whenever possible

Add a fuel injector cleaner regularly, too.


Faulty MAF sensor – keep it clean using electrical contact spray


Incorrect grade of oil or cheap oil and a cheap filter. Don’t skimp on this one.


Crankshaft and camshaft position sensors – these are a doddle to change and under £40 for a pair of branded ones.


Infrequent transmission fluid changes. Always use the right stuff, too, when you do.


Damp. Use the car regularly and keep it aired


Debris such as leaves in the windscreen scuttle area. 


Faulty tyre pressure monitors – get these disabled by a decent garage. You really don’t need the hassle.


Broken window mechanisms caused by poor quality components. Get these overhauled with a decent German made kit.


And that’s about it. All simple stuff and issues which affect most cars if neglected. Happy motoring. 

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