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May 8, 2018



New Member

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My Vel Satis is automatic and has driven by now 425.000 km, a marvellous car.

Lately, I encounter some problems that when I return to my old velocity using my cruise control, he starts to miss and humps etc. It seems that the automatic clutch is at its end. It there anyone who knows if it is indeed the automatic clutch?

Also when I accelerate too fast, the same happens.

May 9, 2018



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Unfortunately I don't know what you mean by 'starts to miss and humps'. I would have thought that if one of the clutches is worn out in the gearbox then as you accelerate quickly the revs will rise, but your speed will not. There is a condition that I have read about that was called 'flaring' where the gearbox does not change gear properly and the revs rise during the gear change. Could it be this that you are describing?

On my car, if I reactivate cruise control when the speed has dropped well below the set speed, the car will accelerate harshly, changing down gears sometimes, in order to get back to the set speed as soon as possible. To avoid this I always use the accelerator pedal to return my speed gently until I am at the cruise control speed, and then reactivate it.

Also have you ever had the gearbox oil changed. I would certainly try that first if it is the original oil.


Regards, Steve


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