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December 19, 2012




what are the possible tires sizes I could use for my Vel Satis? I have 245/45/18 now on it, but our roads here are rough and I am thinking I could use higher ones like 235/60/18, can I?Cool

December 19, 2012




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That's a very good question! I don't think any Vel Satis owners have tried fitting wider or taller tyres, at least not here in the UK. A few owners did lower their Vel Satis Initiale cars, which came with the standard 18" wheels. The tyres on lowered Vel Sati do look a bit close to the wheel arches, but they seem to work ok.

The Privilege spec' Vel Sati come with 225/55/17 tyres, so I reckon fitting a '60' tyre would work ok. It'll be interesting to see what other owners reckon. Chief Administrator & Founder

December 19, 2012




I would not recommend that change of tyre size, as I believe it would be illegal and could invalidate your insurance.

When a wheel size is increased – like from the Privilege 17 inch to Initiale 18 inch, the aspect ratio of the tyre has to decrease to maintain a constant diameter and hence rolling circumference.

Fitting the tyre you mention would increase the diameter and hence the circumference by 9%. This would make the speedo inaccurate i.e. out of accepted tolerance; it would increase braking distance: because the braking effect obtained by one revolution of the wheel would allow the car to go 9% further.

The only way forward is to fit the Privilege 17 inch wheels with the 225/55 tyres. You might find someone with a Privilege ready to swop!

I would love to know how beneficial this would be for the ride.  The difference in tyre depth is 4.3 inch against 4.8 inch. Only half an inch which does not seem enough to matter but I suspect it might be worth doing. Any chance of a back to back test anyone? Motoring correspondents often mention that increasing the wheel size, usually for cosmetic reasons, ruins the ride.


December 20, 2012



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I think possibly the MOT and Insurance requirements in Sierra Leone are a little less stringent than the UK……..


Personally in my opinion I would use a smaller wheel and higher profile tyre. I believe I am right in saying the most basic French version of the Vel used 16" wheels as per the Laguna. I expect they might be available locally, and could be fitted with a decently high profile tyre, maybe a 65 aspect ratio? You will need to check your wheel bolt sizes – early cars had 12mm wheel bolts, which fairly quickly went up to 14mm, but I don't know about Laguna or Espace wheels – I imagine they may have changed as well, but I don't know for sure. 


Of course this solution would give a considerably narrower tread, which may, or may not be an advantage depending on what sort of road surface you are driving on.


From a quick look it appears 245 tyres are available in a higher aspect ratio (or 235) but they appear to be designed for 4 x 4 vehicles, or as winter tyres, which is probably not what you want!


Good luck.



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