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History to date


March 23, 2013




Thought I would do an update on my purchase of a 3.0DCi Initiale in April 2012 with 72K.

The injection warning light turned out to be due to a fractured air hose – it being a short hose to the plenum chamber, and hidden under the front under bonnet trim. That fixed, she flew like a bird.

Since then parts replaced have been:

- two rear anti-roll bar bushes

- both rear shockers – made no difference to the ride– damn!

- Rear suspension arm

- Rosic sourced me an air filter box, n/s under bonnet trim, and n/s wing from Poland. (A storm blew over a roofed bench which caught the front corner of the wing so puncturing it.)

- Rosic also removed the card reader and fitted a working reader, so can press button and let go – what a guy!

Then in August it overheated dramatically when I pushed it hard up Shap. To cut a long story short, I found a diesel engine specialist who cautiously, with a lot of warnings of high cost and possibly no good end result, took on the job. Rear cylinder head was found to be the culprit, but oddly the head gasket was OK!? He sent the head off for pressure testing and again oddly, it passed. However they did skim 4 thou off it. The head was put back on and its been good as gold ever since. The cost was astronomical; 28 hours labour will give you an idea. I cocked up by agreeing to a cambelt change, forgetting that it had been done by the previous owner only three years and 25K miles before. A wasted £500. So total cost £2,200. But I felt I had no option. If I had scrapped it, I would have had to pay a similar amount to buy a replacement, with who knows what issues. Better the devil you know. And anyway its my project, and I have kept one Vel on the road! Does the club give medals for this?

Then the MoT just now required:

- n/s track rod end

- n/s suspension arm including ball joint.

Had the MoT done on Tuesday 19th March because on the 20th it would have failed due to the seat belt/airbag light showing intermittently.

So two major jobs left to do:

- Sort out that seat belt/airbag light

- Replace non-functioning headlamp washers.

Non-essentials – any ideas welcome:

- creaking door stay on driver’s door

- driver’s seat belt pulls out, retracts onto driver, then locks, so cannot reach forward.

- rusty wheel nuts

- start button light

- aircon display light (too difficult to fix)

- get the alloys prettied up

Fortunately I had a big budget to replace my previous car, and chose to buy this Vel cheap and accept any inevitable costs.


March 24, 2013




 That is an informative update.

  I did the shock thing as well. They were making a noise when I levered them but have made no real difference.

  Just passed MOT with no advisory at start of March. This new MOT will change things for gizmo laden cars.


 Your seat belt must have passed the pull test. I have noisy door stay too.  Mot man checked all suspension and mentioned slight knocking on rough roads from rear.  Could find no play on any MOT item.  His verdict is that it is a tiny amount of play somewhere which will develop and then be noticeable when pried.

    The way I would look at your car expense is that had you bought a 5k car, it would have dropped 2k already anyway.

   They all cost one way or another don't they Laugh I am glad you are getting use of car now.  I find it puzzling that the Izuzu unit is not absolutely bulletproof as I would have expected.  Their 4x4 diesels engines are very tough.

 I feel that implementation of the unit with Renault software may have a bearing here.

March 24, 2013




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Andrew, thank you for your detailed update and it's great to hear that you've managed to keep your Vel Satis going, as some of us weren't sure what would happen, at various stages in the recent past.

Well done for all your efforts and keeping another one on the road!

Track rod ends are a common problem, but not that pricey to sort out, and Luke can perhaps remind you of how to fix the air con back-light.

A dealer once billed one of our members £195 for fitting a new door check strap to get rid of the creaking noise, but I know other members whose driver's doors have creaked for years.

Hopefully meet you at some stage, but it's great that you live near Rosic and see him often.

Vel-Satis.org Chief Administrator & Founder

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