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Rules, Terms & Conditions for

These rules, terms & conditions were last updated on 15/01/2011

There is no fee to read content on nor is there a fee to register to post on the blog and/or forum. All visitors to the website and all those who register and use the blog and/or forum must abide by the rules, principles and terms and conditions stated on this page. For the avoidance of doubt, we will assume that all visitors to and readers/users of have read these rules, principles, terms and conditions. Denying knowledge of these rules or pleading ignorance will not be deemed a reasonable excuse for not abiding by them.
Contributing to is a privilege, not a right, so please bear this in mind when you sign up and when you use the site.
Before you use, we recommend that you become familiar with how the website works. If you are intending to make a contribution or post regarding a problem or question, please first use the search facility to see if anyone else has asked the same question already. Please do not post your message in multiple threads and please make sure your contribution relates to a Renault Vel Satis, as we do not accept off-topic contributions on


Any instances of 'we', 'us', 'our' refer to, owned and operated by limited company number 04910087.

Any instances of 'you', 'your', 'member', 'contributor', 'contributors', 'user', 'users', 'visitor', 'visitors' refer to anyone accessing/viewing, whether that person is a registered member or not.

‘Contribution’ refers to any blog post, entry, forum post, reply, comment or any other input into made by a user.

1. Content's operators reserve the right to delete, edit, move or close any thread, post and/or blog submission for any reason.
The moderators, administrators and general team at will monitor the site on a regular basis to ensure that the content and contributions remain decent and legal. It is, however, impossible for us to check absolutely everything due to human time constraints. All material posted on this blog is attributed to the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of Wordpress or any plugins, nor the views of Renault, nor the views of We pledge to promptly review any material flagged up as questionable and we will remove than material if we deem it necessary for any reason. We reserve the right to edit members' posts and to refuse certain posts at the approval stage.

You must not contribute anything to that is illegal such as copyright material (scans of manuals, etcetera), obscene or lewd in any way, hateful or inciteful in any way, or otherwise damaging to the reputation of Renault, or any other parties. We disallow the posting of photographs or other material which reveals the registration plate or other identifying marks of vehicles and/or owners/members and we reserve the right to remove photographs containing people. also completely bans the reproduction of copyrighted material, including but not limited to software of any kind, or even excepts, documentation or screen captures from software, and we also ban copyrighted PDF documents, copyrighted information from other websites, scans of copyrighted information, Dialogys files, radio codes, security disabling instructions and information and others. This ban on the publishing of copyrighted material covers the whole of, including private messaging (PM), direct communication with other members of the site, and all other aspects of the site. If this rule on copyrighted material is broken on, it could have serious consequences, so you must abide by this rule. If you do wish to quote material from another website, you must cite the source of the information and provide a link back to that site/page.
By posting a blog post, forum thread or any other information to, you agree that we can retain such information on the site indefinitely, unless we choose to delete it. This enables us to keep threads intact with no gaps.

2. Censorship

This forum is aimed at any persons interested in Renault Vel Satis cars, or who are interested in this site for any other decent reason, so we ask all members to refrain from posting any adult, offensive and/or illegal material on We are unable to moderate the site's content to such an extent that every single swear word or otherwise controversial word will be removed, but our operators pledge to try their best in keeping free or swearing, obscenities and other such content. See 'Content' above. operates a strict "no naming and shaming" policy, regarding any company, business, individual(s) or service provider, and so on. We welcome any comments you can make on good service but we may remove or edit your content submission(s) if they contain negative thoughts or other information regarding any business(es), individual(s), company/ies and so on. Allegations will typically always be removed by our staff.

All users of must keep their contributions lawful, legal and decent. We will not enter into any discussions regarding censorship or freedom of speech. Damaging material may result in the closure of, so please keep all contributions within the boundaries of our terms, policies and common sense.
If we deem it to be inappropriate for any reasonable reason, we reserve the right to edit a member's username, signature, avatar and/or any other any other information pertaining to their registered profile.

3. Full Indemnification of, Consequential loss

The website is contributed to my many different members who are not officially related to the owners. We are not related officially to Renault in any way. All submissions (posts, etc) to are made by the respective contributors and are not endorsed by nor by Renault. is not responsible for any posts made by its members and we cannot be held liable for them in any way whatsoever. All posts are deemed as advice and other sources should also be referred to by you. Answers to questions may not be accurate and general information may not always be correct. No responsibility is accepted by or the site operators for any conceivable consequence which may or may not be related to any advice or information found on All users of use this site and its information at their own risk, fully indemnifying in every way.

4. Advertising

The website is partly funded by adverts, provided by Google and also by our advertising partners who support us. Users of must not advertise their own website(s), rival forum(s) and/or businesses on and we reserve the right to terminate with immediate effect any user doing so. Unless we consider it to be in breach of our policies, we may accept contributions to which recommend your product or service, if it is of direct relevance and use to Vel Satis owners. You are not allowed to provide a link to a rival forum or web site either within a post or in your signature. Our moderators and operators will always be monitoring posts and submissions, to remove any posts and perhaps even members, who breach this policy.
5. Forum Etiquette including Posting, Replying, New Threads, etc.

i) Respect

All forum members are required to treat others with respect, even if you do not agree to the views being expressed. Rudeness may sadly occasionally occur, but we will not tolerate vendettas or sustained abuse, or even strong abuse or mistreatment, of one member by another member. We reserve the right to immediately terminate the account/membership of any user who is abusive, or we may give that one a warning, after which their profile will be removed if they continue their abusive course. If you consider a user of's behaviour to be inappropriate, please contact us via email giving as much detail as possible, and we will deal with the matter as we see fit. Our decision and action will be final.

ii) Moderators & Administrators

Moderators and administrators on must be treated with respect at all times. Any decisions they make are to be deemed as having been made collectively and their decision and action is final. Moderators and administrators have the right to edit, remove and delete posts by other users of Members are not allowed to edit or remove any edits made by an administrator/moderator, as such actions will have been taken for a reason. If you do not comply with the instruction(s) or wish(es) of a member of the administration staff, it will likely result in suitable disciplinary action being taken against you.

iii) Controversy & Flaming

Our moderators and administrators do their best, but they are unable to police every reported incident of "flaming" or any other controversial occurrence on the forum. We may and reserve the right to act in regard to any reported or observed case(s) of controversy, flaming and/or bullying. We reserve the right to terminate the accounts of any persistent flamers, bullies or those who promote controversy.

iv) Honesty

Honesty must be upheld on and although we do not require people to use their real names as their forum/blog usernames, we do forbid lying and dishonesty on You are not allowed to register multiple accounts. Only one account is permitted per person. We do not allow the editing of posts retrospectively, in order to pervert or affect any ongoing discussions in any way.

v) Spamming

Spamming is banned at and if we believe a user is spamming, we will either contact them to warn them, or we reserve the right to terminate or block their account with immediate effect.

vi) Trolling

Trawling through in order to pick a fight or start an argument is not tolerated and all users doing so will have their accounts immediately terminated, at the discretion of

vii) Privacy

We require your email address when you register with, but we forbid the publishing of your phone number and/or email address and/or postal address and/or registration plate, in your signature and/or posts. If you are uploading or otherwise contributing a photo to, please blur out/remove any registration plates, peoples' faces and other identifying marks, for privacy reasons. If we find any photographs, pictures and/or images that do not comply with this rule, we reserve the right to edit them ourselves so that they comply, or to ask you to edit the material.

6. Governance

These Terms & Conditions and rules are governed by and construed in accordance with UK law and will be dealt with by the due legal systems of England and Wales. If any of these Terms & Conditions and/or rules are found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, the rest are unaffected and will remain legally binding and enforceable. The rules and terms governing are subject to change at any time.

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