Vel Satis Parts Suppliers

Parts, spares, components and accessories for the Renault Vel Satis luxury French care are quite hard to find, as the Vel Satis sold in very low volumes in the UK and was discontinued in 2005. Despite Renault providing premium service centres for Vel Satis owners, many Renault dealers only deal with a very small number of Vel Satis cars each year, so their expertise is more limited compared to what they know about more mainstream Renaults like the Megane, Laguna and Clio. It’s also harder, and slower, for Renault dealers and independent Renault specialists, to source Vel Satis parts. Which is why the UK Vel Satis owners connected with are happy to provide details of any organisations they have been able to successfully source Vel Satis parts from, or they have heard are good.

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