Velsatis Owners Manual Handbook For Sale

Renault Vel Satis Owners Manual Handbook For Sale

Renault Vel Satis Owners Manual Handbook For Sale

Renault Vel Satis Owners Manual Handbook For Sale

This Renault Vel Satis handbook is stuffed full of information that will prove very useful to a Velsatis owner, such as tyre pressures, keycard use, trip computer settings and data, instrumental panel information (trip computer, etc), the TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system), punctures, oil, cruise control, engine performance and MPG economy figures (combined, urban, extra urban, etc), fuel tank best practice, climate control, cruise control, servicing intervals, cambelts, headlights… the list goes on!

If you own a Renault Vel Satis/Velsatis yourself, or you’re a collector of French car memorabilia, contact us today regarding this rare, very good condition (just one of the corners which is a bit dog-eared, that’s all – but no oily mechanic hand-prints present!), original (2002) Renault Vel Satis owners manual handbook for sale via

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4 Responses to Velsatis Owners Manual Handbook For Sale

  1. says:

    please let me know information about the manual

  2. says:

    I have just bought a vel statis 3.5 petrol.

    if only 3500 Vel satis were sold how many of each engine or how many 3.5 petrol?

    Many thanks

    • Team says:

      Hi Chris,

      Really good question! We don’t have any definite figures but from experience as a result of being in contact with many Vel Satis owners over the years, we get the feeling that a large proportion of the ones in the UK are 3.0 diesels, 2.2 diesels and 3.5 petrols, fairly evenly spread – but not many 2.0T petrols.

      I suggest you post your question in the Vel Satis Questions part of our forum, as a new thread.

  3. Oakman says:

    wanted , handbook for a 2005 Renault Vel Satis VELSATIS 2.0 PRIVILEGE, Petrol

    Im in Ireland, even a photocopy would do.

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