2002 Vel Satis dCi V6 diesel Privilege For Sale

Renault Vel Satis Cars For Sale

2002 Renault VelSatis Privilege 3.0 dCi automatic FOR SALE


  • 2002 Privilege
  • All usual Privilege refinements
  • 3litre DCi Auto (Superb engine!)
  • 110,000 miles (give or take a few)
  • Price £575 for spares/repairs – see below for full info
  • Only Renault and one owner (chauffeur) before the seller
  • Drives very well apart from there is a mystery overheating problem when the car is driven at high speeds, which may or may not be expensive to resolve. So although the car is otherwise driveable with no problems apparent if kept within speed limits, I am selling this car for spares/repair and any buyer needs to be aware of this, and should ideally bring a trailer to tow the car away on.
  • Seller has had the car 7 years, always looked after and oil changed regularly (he’s got a 2nd Vel Satis, so loves and looks after them!)
  • MOT’d fine December 2009; then hardly driven at all, stood in drive because he bought another later Vel Satis Initiale
  • Now requires front discs and pads, handbrake sorting out and track rod ball joints/ends to pass MOT but should run fine once back on the road
  • Minor scuffs wear and tear and marks as would be expected for a 2002 vehicle
  • Four nearly new tyres cost about £90 each
  • Collect only (seller is in Lincolnshire)
  • Price £575 no offers. This is a bargain
  • This Vel Satis listed for sale 05/04/2011 – please note it may have gone depending on when you contact the seller.


Contact Anthony on 07825 610621 or anthony.cavill@googlemail.com to buy this absolute bargain of a Vel Satis for only £575 (no offers)!

vel-satis.org is not responsible for any of the information on this page. The seller is wholly responsible. This car may have been sold by the time you contact the seller. Please contact the seller directly.

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One Response to 2002 Vel Satis dCi V6 diesel Privilege For Sale

  1. very tall brad says:

    I bought this car from Anthony a few weeks ago and collected it this week. It’s seen some action (the car) and needs some work. But it’s all there and hasn’t been bodged up to sell – an honest car, a very likeable seller and a great deal.

    I have handed it over to renault Specialists to see if they can resussitate it rather than having it put down, so to speak (the car)

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