Ben Harrington Meets Renault Vel Satis

This morning I had the pleasure of spending a few hours catching up with fellow motoring writer Ben Harrington of DrivingTorque. The first time I met Ben in the flesh was at this year’s SMMT Test Day at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. We exchanged quite a few quips and short conversations throughout the jam-packed day, so it was nice to sit down properly and have a good old natter over an Americano or few.

Ben Harrington DrivingTorque Car Blogger Writer meets Oliver Hammond Vel Satis 01

Being an absolute car nut like me, Ben and I discussed a plethora of cars and generally caught up with each other. As writers, we both drive lots of different cars on a regular basis, but one car Ben had never been a passenger in, let alone driven, was a Renault Vel Satis. So he was pleased when I told him I’d driven down in my Vel Satis. He was impressed by its stylish, different design, sheer proportions and generous amounts of space on offer, the comfort from the big leather seats and the mannerisms of the 3-litre diesel engine mated to the automatic gearbox.

Ben Harrington DrivingTorque Car Blogger Writer meets Oliver Hammond Vel Satis 02r

He’s still not going to let a Vel Satis get in the way of his saving up for a late 1980s Porsche 911 as his next car, but it’s warming to know that a fellow motoring writer appreciates the Vel Satis’ unique appeal, even if not many other people do! For Ben’s own very appreciative piece on the Vel Satis after his ride with me today, click the link below and enjoy!

Ultimate Satisfaction – True love for a Renault Vel Satis


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