500 up! Our Register of UK Vel Sati hits a milestone


Yes, that’s right – if the figures provided by www.howmanyleft.co.uk are anything to go by, our vehicle Register here at the UK Renault Vel Satis Owners Club now includes comfortably over 50% of the remaining population of Vel Sati in the UK! With 837 Vel Satis cars still registered in the UK and 77 currently SORNed, we are very proud to have fastidiously collated and maintained a list which has now reached 500 Vel Sati out of the total 914.

Back in March, we published version 3 of our Register, with 368 vehicles listed – which means we have added a staggering (in Vel Satis terms, of course!) 132 extra cars in the last 8 months or so. The Register is all down to ‘our Luke’ who updates and maintains it. The rest of the club representatives and members alike are appreciate of Luke’s hard work. If you like in the UK and your Vel Satis is missing, or even if you used to live in the UK and the Vel Satis you once drove isn’t listed, we’d love to hear from you. Contact luke@vel-satis.org with your vehicle’s details.

To view and download the latest 500-strong version of the Register, you need to be registered. Then you just need to visit this page – simples!


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